Provincial Grand Chapter of Lincolnshire

Welcome to the Lincolnshire Royal Arch Masonry web page, I sincerely hope that it will  be of interest and will provide an insight into the Royal Arch both for Master Masons and  Companions alike.

You will all be aware that the Royal Arch is not only an integral part of Pure Antient  Freemasonry as expressed in the Preliminary Declaration, but is also the completion of  your journey through Pure Antient Freemasonry. This is endorsed wholeheartedly by  Grand Lodge. Indeed the Pro First Grand Principal, E.Comp. Peter Lowndes, recently  stated that the Royal Arch should in fact be the first Order you should consider joining  outside the Craft.

The Royal Arch provides a very special feeling of friendship and Companionship which  is unique to this Order. So much so, that those who embrace it will testify to the  increased level of enjoyment and happiness which they derive from their membership.

Graham Ives, Most Excellent Grand Superintendent In and Over Lincolnshire.
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