Lincoln Masonic Centre

 116 Nettleham Road
 LN2 1RR


Second Monday, October to June inclusive. Installation February.

Third Wednesday, October to December and February to May inclusive. Installation March.

Ermine Lodge No. 2351
Last Tuesday, October, November, January, February and April. Installation October.

Excalibur Lodge No. 2959
Third Saturday, September to April inclusive. Installation October.

Paulinus Lodge No. 3957
First Wednesday, Sep to May inclusive except Jan when held second Wednesday. Installation October.

Ashlar Lodge No. 5219
Fourth Thursday, Sep to May inclusive except December. Installation February.

Second Tuesday, October to May inclusive. Installation February.

Minster Lodge No. 8702
Third Thursday, Sep, Nov, Jan, Feb, March and May. Installation March.


Chapter of Concord No. 297
First Tuesday October, December (I), February, and April.

Hugh of Avalon Royal Arch Chapter No. 1386
Fourth Wednesday October (I), November, January, March, and May.

Ermine Royal Arch Chapter No. 2351
Third Tuesday October (I), November, January, February, and April.