Wednesday 28 November 2018

NPBF springs into action to support children with rare skin condition

Tigger helps William Hudson, who’s not yet two years old, to accept a cheque for £750 on behalf of the charity Caring Matters Now. The funds, from the New Provincial Benevolent Fund, will be used to undertake research to develop treatment for a rare condition called Congenital Melanocytic Naevus, a skin condition affecting children in the womb.

Says William’s mum Amy Hudson: “Caring Matters Now is very grateful for this money, which will help in the work of dedicated and special people searching for a way to fight this condition. “William was born with it, and although there are no guarantees, it’s possible that through this donation, and others like it, research could reduce or eradicate the potential consequences of the dangers he faces from it. In any event, it will definitely help towards making a significant difference to others like him in the years to come.

“We’re very grateful to Lincolnshire’s Freemasons, and especially those in St Lawrence Lodge, for thinking of us.”