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Thursday 13 December 2018

A short and brief tour, for a few members of the Linconlshire Province

    On Wednesday 12th December at the Quarterly Communication of UGLE we had a total of 118 members of which 30 were master masons. The Pro Grand Master Peter Lowndes was pleased to acknowledge the attendance in Grand Lodge. It's not normal for any tours of Freemasons'' Hall to be allowed on QC days, but after explaining how many members were coming from Lincolnshire, permission was granted.

    We started in the passage between Grand Lodge and the Connaught Rooms ,looking down to the offices of The Masonic Charitable Foundation and pointing out that Grand Lodge was a building within a building. Returning to the reception area we proceeded past the shop down to number one meeting room, which is now used for offices and moved up a level into the passage way to see where the Grand Master prepares himself before entering the Grand Temple.

    The first picture was taken outside the main doors of the Grand Temple, returning to the tour we move up to the next floor and entered number 10 temple which is known as the Indian Temple, where I was initiated passed and raised when my mother lodge was located in London in the years 1972/3.

    On arriving at the Lincolnshire window the memorial scroll was shown. We finished the tour with one of the scrutineers explaining their duties recording qualification of members attending the Quarterly Communication.

    Reporter, Bro. Bob Smith, PJGD

    One of the members on the tour, David Buckenham felt unwell during the Quarterly Communication and was taken by ambulance to hospital. We are relieved and very pleased to confirm that David arrived home very late that night and has recovered from his day to remember or perhaps to forget!