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Thursday 09 November 2017

Boston Light Blue Club

    Brethren from all four Craft Lodges in Boston attended the very first meeting to form a Light Blue Club committee for the Province of Lincolnshire at Boston’s Masonic centre on Friday 3rd November 2017. 

    Although the speeches had to compete with the local football club’s firework display during the meeting led by W Bro Gary Cadle, a committee was formed. All committee members are below Provincial rank and include a Brother who had taken his Second Degree just two days previously, as well as many Master Masons who have not yet been through the chair of their Lodge. 

    The meeting followed the formation of Lincolnshire’s Light Blue Focus group by the Provincial Grand Master, overseen by the Deputy Provincial Grand Master. The group will assist in setting up other such Clubs within the Province wherever there is a need and there has already been interest from brethren across the Province. It is envisaged that although each club will be run separately, they will work under the Lincolnshire Light Blue Club Banner so that a member of one club will be able to attend events organised by any other club. 

     Anyone interested in forming a club is invited to email