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Monday 18 December 2017

Unique Occasion at Olive Union Lodge No 1304

On Thursday 7th December 2017, seventy members and guests witnessed what W Bro J C Board PAProvGM, described as a unique occasion. Fifty year Certificates were presented to two Initiates of the Lodge and one joining member. W Bro G L Cox and W Bro G S W Gillett were both Initiated in 1967; and W Bro E D W Dickinson who was Initiated into Ceres Lodge 6977, Northants and Hunts and joined Olive Union Lodge in 1972. W Bro Board chatted to W Bro E D W Dickinson about his long and distinguished career, with much interest shown by all present. This triple presentation follows the 50 year Certificate presented to W Bro M C Rose earlier in the year. W Bro Board concluded by congratulating everyone and stated that the night’s Initiate, Bro Paul Routledge would remember this wonderful evening for the rest of his Masonic Career. The Brethren acknowledged the occasion with a standing ovation. The assembled Brethren then adjourned to the banqueting suite to enjoy a Christmas Feast and Carols sung in perfect harmony.

 Seated on the left is W Bro E D W Dickinson and on the right is W Bro M C Rose