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Thursday 04 January 2018

March 2018 Quarterly Communication

I wish to send New Year Greetings and best wishes to all the Masons who support Quarterly Communication Meetings at different times of the year.

At the Quarterly Communication of Grand Lodge on Wednesday 14 March 2018 there will be some differences and it is important that everyone appreciates what will be happening.  

As part of the Tercentenary Celebrations and to recognise that the MW Grand Master will be celebrating 50 years in that position, Provinces have been granted additional Appointments and Promotions to Grand Lodge Honours.  Because of this there will be restrictions on who can attend the meeting and who can dine at the Grand Connaught rooms and I thought I would bring this to the attention of all of you, as opposed to those who are normal recipients of the general circular from me concerning Quarterly Communication meetings.

It is the normal practice at this meeting that only those who are qualified to attend may do so. This means any Mason who is currently installed as a Lodge Warden or above. Master Masons cannot attend this meeting.

In 2018, all those who are qualified, as given above, may attend the meeting which will start at 11.30 am.  It is deemed an Investiture meeting but, unlike the April Investiture, admission is not regulated by tickets.

Lunching at the Grand Connaught Rooms will be restricted to Grand Officers only.  

Those who will be receiving an Appointment or who will be receiving a Promotion on the day will be able to take one guest to the luncheon.  

The cost of the luncheon will be £49.00.

W John Hockin