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Thursday 29 March 2018

Brotherly Love in Action at Lindis Lodge

After one of the Lodge Brethren had to have his right leg amputated, it became necessary for him to have daily intravenous antibiotic injections for a month to avoid the risk of further infection.

This procedure took half an hour each day at Pilgrim hospital, but rather than have him occupy an inpatient bed, just for that procedure to happen, he was discharged on condition that each day he went to hospital for his medication. Brethren from the Lodge ensured that our Brother was always there for his treatment. Lodge Almoner Barry Overton recruited a team of willing volunteers to join him on a rota to take him to and from hospital each day for a month.

Our Brother is grateful for the kindness shown to him by the Worshipful Master, Jim Preece and Brethren of Lindis Lodge, Philip Hills,Bruce Marriott John Guille,Keith North, Albert Cheung and Andrew Mableson.

Brotherly love is alive and in action at Lindis lodge.