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Wednesday 04 April 2018

St Lawrence Chapter Celebrates its Centenary

    The St Lawrence Chapter No 2078, which meets at Scunthorpe, celebrated its Centenary last Thursday. This very important milestone was marked by a full Provincial team visit headed by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent In and Over Lincolnshire, Excellent Companion Graham Ives. This would be the last team visit of the year for the active Provincial Officers and the last for E Comp Ives as the ME Grand Superintendent.

    It was no surprise that the Masonic Hall at Scunthorpe was full to its capacity to see a Centenary meeting conducted in an exemplary manner. During the meeting the M E Grand Superintendent assumed the chair of the Chapter, addressed the Companions present on the purpose of the meeting and after a thoughtful oration by the Third Provincial Grand Principal, E Comp Terry Wright,  presented the Centenary Charter and subsequently the Centenary jewels to the Three Principals of the Chapter. A new bible cushion was dedicated by the M E Grand Superintendent as a lasting  memory of the occasion. E Comp Dr Brian Roberts then delivered a well researched and interesting history of the St Lawrence Chapter. Comp Peter Cooper was presented to the M E Grand Superintendent who received on behalf of the Chapter an Illuminated Board recording those attending and dining. It was all hand produced in sign-writer style and will grace the dining room of the hall as another fitting memento of the occasion. 

    At this point the assembled Companions thought the business of the meeting was practically over and the very evident hard work and preparations beforehand had paid off handsomely but the M E Grand Superintendent had one last surprise up his sleeve when he directed the Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, E Comp Tony Greswell to present E Comp David Metcalf and E Comp Raymond Wade to him.  E Comp Ives then bestowed the very high rank of Past Provincial Grand Scribe Nehemiah to both E Comp David Metcalf and E Comp Raymond Wade who both were shocked and stunned by the honour. After the Chapter was closed the Companions retired to the festive board where the very happy atmosphere continued.