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Monday 02 July 2018

Members Pathway Workshop

    There was an excellent attendance for the initial launch of the UGLE initiative ‘The Members Pathway’ for Lodge Membership Officers and interested Brethren. It took place at the Sleaford Masonic Hall on the 23rd June 2018 and was opened by W Bro Dave Wheeler (PGM designate). The ‘Pathway’ provides a number of steps for a structured approach to attract, introduce and encourage potential new members. It also offers valuable advice on retaining and adding value to the existing membership. It is an important initiative for the future of Freemasonry.

    W Bro David Price (Provincial Membership Officer) lead the Workshop and was assisted by W Bro David Buckenham (Provincial G Mentor). An excellent presentation was given to the Brethren by W Bro Richard Johnson (PMO Derbyshire). He has valuable experience of implementing the ‘Pathway” due to being one of the 10 Provinces involved in piloting the project.

    The Brethren were then divided into groups to discuss the practical aspects of implementing the steps.