Monday 08 October 2018

ProvGM meets with Lincolnshire Police

Shortly after my Installation as Lincolnshire ProvGM/MEGS in July this year I was contacted by Lincolnshire Police with a request that I meet with Deputy Chief Constable Craig Naylor and their head of Professional Standards Superintendent Suzanne Davies. The reason given for the meeting, by Lincolnshire Police, was as follows:

The reason for the request is mainly a myth-busting exercise. Our Ethics Panel recently reviewed the question of police officers being Freemasons, and whether Freemasonry creates unfairness or favour on the part of its members within policing. The panel felt that there were some very outdated misconceptions and unfounded suspicions of Freemasonry based on misunderstanding of its purpose. We are looking to benefit from your insight as an ex-police officer, and also your present position as Provincial Grand Master, in order to develop our understanding and help us form our guidance to officers. We’d like to dispel myths around Freemasonry, deconflict its role within policing and bring to an end the way in which membership of the Freemasons is sometimes used as an accusation or criticism. We’re hopeful that you will be able to help us with this.

I subsequently met with DCC Naylor and Supt Davies on Friday, 17th August, together with APGM Peter Brooks, and I'm pleased to say it was a very positive and constructive meeting. During the meeting I was asked if I would write a short article for a future edition of the Lincolnshire Police magazine about my views on Freemasonry as a former police officer, which is published here.

Dave Wheeler.