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Friday 26 October 2018

Remembrance Sunday and Wreath Laying Ceremonies

The MW Grand Master is very happy for members to be involved in wreath laying ceremonies to commemorate those Freemasons who died during the Great war and subsequent conflicts.  Previously it may have been felt that, for some reason, this would not be appropriate. Please also note the following guidance:

• Those participating are not representing UGLE and the ‘message’ on the wreath should not be from UGLE – below is an example of what might be used.
• All ‘messages’ must be approved by the Province/Metropolitan.
• The wearing of Masonic regalia – it is suggested that collars only is appropriate – is at the discretion and with the permission of the Provincial/Metropolitan Grand Master.

I am very pleased to give my permission for Lodge/Masonic collars to be worn at wreath laying ceremonies. Masonic Jewels should not be worn. Similar wording to the example given from UGLE is approved.

Dave Wheeler
Provincial Grand Master

11 November 2018
In lasting memory of those
Freemasons who made the ultimate sacrifice during
The Great War 1914 – 1918