Officers in the Craft

 Right Worshipful Brother David Malcolm Wheeler

 Worshipful Brother John Barry Crutchley

 Assistant Provincial Grand Master

 Worshipful Brother Vincent Peter Brooks

 Worshipful Brother Bruce Michael Goodman

 Provincial Senior Grand Warden

 Worshipful Brother Martin Ronald Reeve

 Provincial Junior Grand Warden

 Worshipful Brother Neil Hollingsworth

   Provincial Grand Chaplain

 Worshipful Brother John David Robert Spriggs


 Provincial Grand Treasurer

 Worshipful Brother Stephen Charles Hallberg


 Provincial Grand Registrar

 Worshipful Brother Keith Edward Appleton

 Provincial Grand Secretary

 Worshipful Brother Anthony David Miller

 Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies

 Worshipful Brother Noel Fisher

 Provincial Communications Officer

 Worshipful Brother Stuart James Pearcey

 Provincial Grand Almoner

 Worshipful Brother John Grimwood

 Provincial Grand Charity Steward

 Worshipful Brother Peter Tong

 Provincial Grand Mentor

 Worshipful Brother David George Buckenham

 Provincial Assistant Grand Secretary

 Worshipful Brother Stephen John Swaby