The Lincolnshire Masonic Research Society

With the approval of the Provincial Grand Master for the Province of Lincolnshire, the Lincolnshire Masonic Research Society has been established as a means of enquiry into all areas of the Craft and beyond.

The number of members of the Society has been limited to twelve and the Society is open only by invitation.  The current members are - W Bro A R Newton (Chairman), V W Bro W J Hockin, W Bro R L Brittan, W Bro Rev J D R Spriggs, W Bro D R O’Neill, W Bro T F Aldridge, W Bro R H Smith, W Bro Rev M A Craggs, W Bro M Taylor, W Bro M Carter, W Bro E C Coleman (Hon. Secretary).

Other Provinces have had Masonic Research Societies for some considerable time, and it is hoped that, in time, the Lincolnshire Society will attain the high standards achieved elsewhere.  Members have already attended Quatour Coronati Lodge, and will be attending the forthcoming Leicester Masonic Symposium.  A visit to the Knights Templar chapel at Rothley Court is in process of being organised.

Current work includes continuing the work already done by W Bro Brittan in compiling a ‘Lincolnshire Masonic Record’ containing lists of Minute Books, Attendance Lists, Membership Records, Declaration Books, Account Books, Correspondence Registers, and other communications and memoranda which Lodges have agreed can be placed on record.  The possibility of a structured catalogue of lectures and presentations is being considered, and – with the support of the Society – one member is pursuing a random mention of organised operative masonry in 11th century ‘Lindsey’.

However, to ensure that the Society remains outward looking, the members would welcome any questions concerning Masonic history and tradition from any Provincial Brethren – particularly where there is a Lincolnshire connection.  All such queries should be directed to the Hon. Secretary at

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