Lincolnshire Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge No 9726

Although the rank of Provincial Grand Steward was instituted in the last Century, Lincolnshire’s own Provincial Grand Stewards’ Lodge was formed under the guidance of the then Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W Bro Paul Nathan, PGSD  and was consecrated on the 7th October 2000, by the Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master, Gordon Walkerly Smith, during which W Bro Brian Hunt, PAGSupt.Wks was installed as its first Master. All Officer collars were donated by the Founders who were the first to be invested into that office, and each appended collar jewel is inscribed as such.

It is a great honour for Brethren to be appointed to and given the office of Provincial Grand Steward. These Brethren only are eligible to belong to this Premier Lodge in the Province; this being the sole qualification for membership and thus it is a great privilege to be able to become a member.
We meet at the Masonic Hall in Horncastle, a central location within the large Province of Lincolnshire. The Lodge meets only twice a year, the 2nd Thursday in June and the 4th Wednesday in September at which our Installation is held. Officers are appointed by the incoming Worshipful Master, but unlike most Craft Lodges, progression to becoming Worshipful Master is through the Wardens’ offices only.

The Lodge was formed to assist the Provincial Grand Master in particular and the Province in general. Our main duties are assisting in the running of the annual Provincial meetings of both Craft and Chapter in May and attending upon the Craft Wardens of the year when making their official visits around the Province as the representative of the Provincial Grand Master.
There are many other Provincial Grand Stewards Lodges throughout the country, and the majority all wear the distinguishing Red aprons and collars.  It is believed that the colour Red represents the colour of the wine which was served to the Brethren at the time this rank was introduced. We are no exception, no matter how exalted a brother eventually may become, he is always entitled and encouraged to wear this distinguishing regalia whenever there is a meeting of the Lodge, or whenever a Steward is on duty throughout the Province.