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Here are the cookies that we know that are used by this website and the other websites that this website uses, such as google and facebook:

 NameType Owner  Purpose
 ASP.NET_SessionId Strictly necessary. Used by the webserver to recognise your browser. It does not remain on your pc after you close your browser
 .SecurityFormAuthFenwick Strictly necessary. Used to remember if you've logged in. 
 history unknown pgllincs.orgStrictly necessary. Used by the navigation system to know which page you are on. 
 cookies_check Used to remember you agreed to allow cookies 
 __utma to __utmztracking Used by google analytics to monitor your visits to this website to improve the visitor experience 
 NID Google's unique id for preferences 
 CONSENT Used for remembering your consent preference 
 1P_JAR Used by google to gather statistics 
 pl unknown unknown
 wd unknown unknown
 c_user unknown unknown
 xs unknown unknown
 datr unknown unknown
 sb unknown unknown
 fr unknown unknown